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Pensioner Boiler grants - elderly people boiler grants

Boiler Grants for Pensioners

Free boiler grants for pensioners

Free boiler grants for pensioners & elderly people are currently available as part of the UK Government ECO energy efficiency scheme. If you are on the Income-based component of State Pension Credit and your central heating boiler is old or inefficient you may qualify for a replacement free of charge. There are no grants for people who only get Contribution-based Pension Credits.

To qualify for a free or heavily subsidised boiler you must be also be a homeowner or private tenant. Local housing authorities have their own timescales in place to upgrade the central heating systems of existing tenants.

What is the free boiler scheme?

The ECO Affordable Warmth scheme has been introduced to help people on a lower income make their homes more energy efficient. This includes including many pensioners. If your home is more efficient you can save money by reducing your heating bills. To improve your home efficiency the Government has put aside funding in the form of grants to help with things like free boiler replacements and insulation upgrades..

All these things help to keep your home warm and your heating bills down in winter months. When it is more expensive to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home.. A boiler grant will also help the environment by lowering carbon dioxide emissions.

Do I qualify for a boiler grant?

If you are a home owner or private tenant you may be able to get a replacement boiler grant. To be eligible you must fall in to one of the following categories –

  • You are a pensioner in receipt of State Pension Credit, OR
  • You still work and claim Working Tax Credits, AND
  • Your existing boiler is not a condensing boiler, is over 8 years old or is broken

However it should be noted that at the moment it is larger properties which are non-gas qualify for a completely free boiler. People who live in smaller houses may still qualify for a grant but may be asked to make a contribution. This is because the carbon saving is less for a smaller gas boiler heated house than it is for a large detached property with an oil boiler for example.

What type of boiler qualifies for a grant?

When you apply for a free boiler grant a number of things are taken into consideration. This includes –

  • Property type & size
  • Main heating type
  • Boiler type
  • Age of current boiler

Your property is then given a score which states the amount of carbon dioxide emissions that would be reduced by replacing your old boiler. If you score high enough you can get a 100% grant to replace your boiler. If your property has a lower score you will be asked to pay something towards it.

Over the last three years many pensioners in smaller gas heated properties have benefited from the Affordable Warmth scheme. So now the focus has been shifted to people who live off the gas grid. So if you heat your home with an alternative heating type you have a better chance of getting a new boiler free of charge. This includes –

  • Oil boilers
  • LPG boilers
  • Solid fuel heating

However, if you don’t heat your property with any of these you can still receive a substantial amount of Government grant funding to replace your boiler.


Why are there free boiler grants for pensioners?

Pensioners sometimes struggle with rising energy bills. Many are on limited incomes a new boiler is an expense which is outwith many elderly people’s budget.

The boiler grant scheme is is part of the Energy Companies Obligation which is designed to help lower domestic heating bills and improve the UK’s Carbon Footprint.

Free boiler grants are being funded by the UK’s major energy companies including British Gas, Scottish Power, EDF & Power, and are available throughout the United Kingdom subject to qualification. Find out if you qualify for a free boiler grant – Boiler Grant Application.

Even if you don’t receive Pension Credit you could still qualify for a grant if you are in receipt of Working Tax Credit, and are aged over 60.


Pensioners  / Oap’s  who receive the Income based component of State Pension Credits and those who receive Working Tax Credits and who are over 60 yo are eligible for a free replacement boiler grant if their existing boiler is over 8 years old or does not meet boiler energy-efficiency guidelines.

Qualification is benefit-related & means tested and those who are eligible for an ECO grant can have a new replacement eco-friendly gas condensing boiler worth thousands of pounds supplied and installed for free.

This not only saves outlay for a new boiler which normally costs around £3,000, but will also help reduce your domestic heating bills by around £500 per year. Pensioners and elderly people often struggle to meet fuel bill payments so the boiler grant scheme will be a welcome lifeline for many.

How to apply for a free boiler?

Applying for a free boiler is a straightforward no hassle process. Leave a few details using the link below and we will contact you to verify that you qualify. We will then arrange a quick survey of your old boiler and arrange a date for a new one to be installed.

Pensioners and those in receipt of certain benefits / tax credits  oron a low income can apply for a free boiler grant via the Government free boiler scheme  up until Autumn 2018.

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