Replacement Boiler Grant Scheme

Boiler Grants - Free boiler grant scheme
Boiler Grants

Boiler Grants for ECO-friendly and energy-efficient gas condensing boilers are currently available in the UK as part of a new Government-led free boiler grant scheme.

Replacement boilers are being supplied and installed for free by recommended heating installers via the Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) Affordable Warmth free boiler scheme.

The free boiler grant scheme is designed to help lower heating bills and improve our Carbon Footprint by reducing harmful Carbon emissions..

Boiler grants and other home energy-efficiency improving measures including loft insulation and cavity wall insulation are installed as part of the Government grant scheme, which is being funded by the UK’s six major utility companies – British Gas, Scottish Power, NPower, EDF, SSE & E.ON.

Affordable Warmth Boiler Grants are available throughout the United Kingdom subject to qualification. Find out if you qualify for a free boiler grant – Boiler Grants.

Boiler Grants – benefits & savings

Installing a new energy efficient boiler, along with cavity wall insulation and loft insulation can reduce heating bills by around £800 per year

Heating your gas boiler and central heating system accounts for around 55 – 60 % of your annual heating bills, so installing an energy-efficient boiler via the Government boiler grant scheme can mean huge savings on household heating costs.

  • Boiler grants help reduce heating bills
  • Condensing gas boilers reduce harmful Carbon Dioxide emissions
  • Getting a free boiler installed via the boiler grant scheme includes an up-to-date Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for your home

Boiler grants – background

The Energy Companies Obligation provides grant funding for replacement boilers and other home energy-efficiency products. The grant scheme is made up of three individual energy-efficiency grant schemes –  ECO Boiler Grants Guide

Boiler grants are available via the Government-backed Energy Companies Obligation (ECO). The ECO free boiler grant scheme is aimed to address fuel poverty in vulnerable sections of society across the UK. In addition the boiler grant scheme  is designed to reduce levels of carbon emissions being released into the environment  by providing energy-efficient gas condensing boilers which use less energy to heat your home and hot water.

Energy Efficient Boilers

Boiler grants energy saving boiller grantsInstalling an energy-efficient, gas condensing boiler is one of the most effective ways ways to cut down energy consumption in the home. Up to 60% of your heating bill is spent on powering your boiler and central heating system.

Older boilers are often less energy-efficient and cost more to heat. All new boilers installed via the ECO boiler grant scheme are gas condensing boilers which have been A Graded by SEDBUK, the UK’s boiler energy rating authority. More iformation on Gas Condensing boilers cand be found here – Boiler Guide.

Boiler Grant Eligibility

Boiler grants are available for those on benefits, Tax Credits, Pension Credits or who live in fuel poverty areas. If you meet the boiler grant criteria for low income households and your existing gas boiler is not of the condensing boiler type – you can have a new, ECO friendly and energy efficient boiler installed for free, saving hundreds each year on domestic energy costs. Boiler Grant eligibility

Boiler Grants for Pensioners

Free boiler grants for pensioners or elderly people if they receive State Pension Credits or Working Tax Credits and are aged 60 or over. More info on boiler grants for pensioners can be found here – Pensioners Boiler Grants

Boiler Grant Application Process

Boiler grant application process
Boiler Grant Application

Applying for a free boiler grant is a straightforward no hassle process.

Boiler Grant Application

The first stage of your boiler grant application is to provide us with a few details via  boiler grant application form. This enables us to identify a domestic energy assessor in your area.

An approved and certified Domestic Energy Assessor in your area will contact you within a day or two to arrange a survey and fill in the boiler grant application

Free Boiler Grant Survey

The Domestic Energy Assessor will check your boiler’s its energy performance to see if you are eligible for a boiler grant. To have a new replacement boiler installed your existing gas boiler must not be a condensing boiler. Your existing boiler must also be either over ten years old or must have a low energy efficiency rating.

The boiler grant survey will only take a short time. The assessor will also ask you to provide verification of your address. This will be via your mortgage statement or your tenancy lease.  He will then fill in your details in the boiler grant application form.

Free Boiler Installation

If you qualify for a boiler grant the assessor will arrange a convenient date for your new energy efficient boiler to be installed. Your replacement gas boiler will be installed free of charge (includes full manufacturer’s warranty). This will mean energy savings of £100′s per year Apply for a boiler grant now

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