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Boiler Grants - Free boiler grant schemeBoiler Grants are available via the UK Government ECO Boiler grant scheme. The Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) was introduced into Great Britain at the beginning of 2013.The energy-efficiency scheme, which provides funding for replacement boiler grants, loft insulation and cavity wall insulation for those who meet the grant qualification criteria.

ECO Boiler grants replace the old Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT) scheme. The ECO grant scheme means that the “BIg Six” UK energy suppliers have an obligation to provide effective energy-saving measures to those in vulnerable sections of society such as pensioners and those on low incomes who have young children.

Boiler & Heating Energy Performance

The body which determines a boiler’s grading is SEDBUK (Season Efficiency of Domestic Boilers in the UK). SEDBUK. Boiler ratings are assessed as part of the boiler grant application process by a Domestic Energy Assessor. Boiler and central heating performance contributes to the overall energy performance of your property and is included in any Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) or Report.

Boiler performance is measured as a percentage although the European Grading method (A-G according to energy usage performance) is also often included for consistency. The energy efficiency of gas boilers (the free boilers available in the UK are gas boilers) is assessed on a variety of factors including –

  • Seasonal conditions
  • Boiler / heating usage patterns
  • Housing occupancy at the time of boiler installation
  • Boiler storage conditions
  • Boiler Location
  • Boiler insulation

Other factors deemed to affect the energy efficiency of boilers such as climate and the age of a boiler are also taken into account when assessing a boiler’s performance. The boiler rating system is designed to be a fair and accurate method of determining boiler efficiency, regardless of manufacturer.

Energy Performance certificates

EPC - boiler efficiencyAll boilers installed the UK  now must have an energy performance certificate. They also must have a Grade A rating. If your boiler is not A rated you my be entitled to a free boiler via the boiler grant scheme. In order to qualify for a free boiler your existing boiler must not be a condensing boiler.

If you are unsure about your boiler or its energy rating you can get it surveyed by a Domestic Energy Assessor. The assessor will come to your home and determine the energy-efficiency grade of your boiler and tell you if you qualify for a grant.

Boiler Energy Efficiency

Conventional central heating boilers work by heating water via a heat exchanger – fuel, or gas, is burned and the heat passes through a compartment where a percentage heat is transferred to cold water. This hot water is used to heat your radiators or for your hot water taps. The remainder of the heat escapes from the boiler.

The gas boilers which are available via the boiler grant scheme are high efficiency gas condensing boilers. Condensing boilers are more energy efficient than conventional gas boilers. They heat water more efficiently, therefore they use less energy, which means that less harmful Carbon Dioxide emissions are released into the environment, and also that your gas bills are reduced.

Gas condensing ECO Boiler

Condensing boiler

What Type of boilers are available under the boiler grant scheme? The boiler grant scheme provides free high-performance gas condensing boilers from a variety of boiler manufacturers


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Pay Monthly Boilers

A-Rated Combi gas Condensing boilers are now available via the new pay monthly boiler finance scheme. Combi Boiler Pay Monthly Flexible Finance

Boiler grants - a Quick Guide

The Energy Companies Obligation provides grant funding for replacement boilers and other home energy-efficiency products. Boiler Grant Guide

Pensioners & Free Boiler Grants

Pensioner boiler grants are still available in the UK for pensioners on State Pension Credit or for over 60's on Working Tax Credits More info here - Boiler grants for pensioners
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