Free Boiler Grants

Boiler grants for free gas, oil and LPG boilersFree boiler grants for free gas, oil and LPG boilers can be
claimed through the Government ECO grant scheme.

Free Boiler Grants

Government boiler grants for high-efficiency gas condensing boilers are currently available in the UK as part of the ECO free boiler scheme. Free boiler grants are designed to help lower heating bills for pensioners & those on benefits or tax credits who are deemed to live in "fuel poverty", and reduce harmful carbon dioxide emissions being released into the environment.

Do I qualify for a free boiler?
To qualify for a free boiler grant you must be a homeowner, landlord or private tenant & have an existing boiler which is connected to mains gas. Your boiler must also have an existing rating of "C" or less according to building energy performance recommendations.

Why are boilers free?
The UK Government has placed an obligation on the UK's six major energy providers (British Gas, Scottish Power, NPower, EDF, SSE & E.ON) to provide financial help for households & families in England, Scotland & Wales who cannot afford to meet the cost of rising energy bills. This means they must provide free, non-repayable grant funding for gas boiler upgrades and other home energy-efficiency improving measures including loft insulation and cavity wall insulation.

Claiming a free boiler or insulation grant can mean huge annual savings by lowering energy usage in the home. This, in turn reduces heating bills and helps towards improving your carbon footprint by releasing less harmful emissions into the environment.

Free Boiler Eligibility

Boiler grants are available for those on certain benefits, Tax Credits, Pension Credits or who live in fuel poverty areas.

If you meet the boiler grant criteria for low income households and your existing gas boiler is not of the condensing boiler type – you should be eligible for a grant and get a new boiler installed for free, saving hundreds each year on domestic energy costs.
Find out if you qualify - Free Boiler Grant Eligibility

Pensioner Free Boiler Grants

Free boiler grants for pensioners & elderly people who claim state pension credits in addition to you or Working Tax Credits and are aged 60 or over.

Pensioners boiler grants

Part of the grant eligibility check is whether or not you are claiming state pension credit on top of your pension.If your existing gas boiler is over 8 years old or broken and your home is suitable (your home must not be a flat) you may qualify to have a new boiler fitted totally free of charge.

More info on boiler grants for pensioners can be found here - Free Boiler Grants for Pensioners

Ways to replace your gas boiler

"I had a free boiler installed under the Government ECO Boiler Grant scheme. I noticed the benefit immediately and my heating bills have came down a great deal "
- Laureen, Portsmouth.

Pay Monthly Boilers
A-Rated Combi gas Condensing boilers are now available via the new pay monthly boiler finance scheme. Combi Boiler Pay Monthly Flexible Finance

Free Boiler Grant 2015

Installing a new energy efficient boiler, along with cavity wall insulation and loft insulation can reduce heating bills by around £800 per year
Getting a free boiler installed via the boiler grant scheme includes an up-to-date Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for your home.

Energy Companies Obligation (ECO)
The ECO was introduced in January 2013 to reduce the UK’s energy usage and help people living in fuel poverty. It does this by funding free of charge energy efficiency improvements worth around £1.3 billion every year including new central heating boilers and home insulation. ECO grants fall into three categories -

Carbon Saving Community Obligation
This provides insulation measures to households in specified areas of low income. It also makes sure that 15% of each supplier’s obligation is used to upgrade more hard-to-reach low-income households in rural areas.

Carbon Emissions Reduction Obligation
Under the Carbon Emissions Reduction Obligation, obligated suppliers must promote ‘primary measures’, including roof and wall insulation and connections to district heating systems. Other ‘secondary measures’, which improve the insulating properties of a premises can also be installed at the same premises as primary measures.

Affordable Warmth Obligation
This provides heating and insulation measures, including free replacement boilers to those living in private properties that receive particular means-tested benefits. This obligation supports low-income families and pensioners that are vulnerable to the cold.
Free ECO Boiler Legislation

Free Boiler Grant FAQ’s

Q - Who is eligible for a free boiler grant?
A - As long as you own your own home or you are a tenant living in privately rented accommodation you might be eligible for 100% grants to replace your old boiler. Landlords can claim boiler grants for multiple properties as long as the tenant meets the income / benefit related criteria.

Q - Are replacement boilers 100% free?
A - Under most circumstances Yes, However new legislation has been introduced to cap the amount of funding allocated to the boiler scheme. Even if you meet the benefit related criteria your home must meet a minimum energy saving requirement to make fitting a new boiler worthwhile. If you live in smaller property (including flats) you may not get a free boiler and you will be asked for a small contribution towards your new subsidised boiler replacement

Q - What type of boiler will I get?
A - At the moment free boiler grants are only available for gas boiler replacement. Your new boiler will be a A-rated gas condensing boiler. All boilers installed in the UK must now must be have a minimum energy efficiency rating of A (90% efficiency). Individual installers may have their own preferred boiler brand depending on property type & current price.

Q - How long will the boiler grant process take?
A - Your free boiler is normally installed within 3 – 4 weeks. This includes a free Energy Performance Survey of your home. It may be a little longer if new pipes or radiators need to be fitted.

Q - How do I free boiler grant?
A - Submit your details and you will be contacted within a day or two. A qualified Home Energy Assessor will visit you to carry out a quick survey and book a date for your boiler to be installed.

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Free Boiler Installers

Free boilers installed via the Affordable Warmth eco boiler grants scheme are fitted by Gas Safe registered heating installers and gas engineers. Gas Safe replaces Corgi as the recognised safety authority in the UK for boiler installers and heating / gas engineers